SQL Server Management Studio Scripting Options

This week I had to partition a table for performance improvements.  I scripted the table to create a temporary table for my sliding window. When I wanted to change the script, I noticed that none of my indexes and my partition scheme was scripted… Strange… because I thought that indexes were always scripted together with the table. In the Options menu of the management studio I found the default scripting options. You can find them under Tools –> Options –> SQL Server Object Explorer

When I checked the default setting of the option “Script indexes”, it was indeed false. However, according to the books online, the default setting should be true.So I compared my SQL Management Studio scripting default values with the books online default values and I noticed a few differences, which can cause some confusions, like I had… Maybe it’s worth to mention that I used a standard installation and didn’t change any option :)

Below you can find a list of the SSMS settings and the books online default values

According to me, following settings should be changed after installation of the SSMS, otherwise you will get faulty scripts, which can have a serious impact on your database if you should reuse the scripts.

Script Data Compression Options
Script indexes
Script partition schemes
Script Triggers



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