Backup to Windows Azure with SQL Server 2014 CTP2

Since SQL 2014 is released, you can take a backup of your database to Windows Azure Storage.
CTP2 has recently be released and it is now possible for you as DBA to create a manual backup to Azure in SQL Server Management Studio.
In this blog post, I’m going to show you how easy it is to do this.

Before you can start with creating a backup, you have to create a storage account to store the backup.
Go to your manage page of Windows Azure.

Click on Storage and select New in the left bottom corner



Now select Data Services à Storage à Quick Create.
Type in a URL name that you want to use and select the location where you want to create the storage


When all the data is filled in click

As a result your storage account is created


Next step is creating a container to store blob files. Containers provide a logical grouping for blobs stored in the Windows Azure Blob service.
When you upload a backup to the Blob service, you must specify a container.

Click on the storage you have just created and select containers.
Click on the link “Create a Container”

In the new container window, type in the container name and select the appropriate Access type.
I’m choosing Private because I’m the only one that can have access to my backup files.

As a result the container is created. You will see that a new URL for the container is created. We will need that later on in the management studio when taking the backup.

Now that the Azure side is configured. Let’s open the management studio and take a backup of our database.
Right click on the database à Tasks à Backup


As you can see, the destination options has been changed a lot. You can choose to take a backup to disk or to URL.
Choose URL to take a backup to Windows Azure.

By default the management studio suggest a file name, but of course this can be changed.

We also have to create a SQL Credential to store the Windows Azure storage authentication information in SQL Server.
Once it is create, you can reuse it.

Click on the button “Create” to create the credential
Specify the credential name.
You have to specify the management certificate, so that you can connect to Windows Azure.
If you don’t have the certificate, you can also connect to Azure by using the publishing profile file.
Go to to download your configuration file and import it into your management studio by clicking the browse button.

Select the storage account to use and click the create button.


You should get a similar result as this one. Notice that the URL prefix is now the same as the URL of the container that you just have created.
If it is not the same, past the container URL into the URL prefix field.


Click OK and your backup will start and finish successfully.

Let’s go back to my Azure Manage page. When you check the container, you will see that a bak file has been added

Well, that wasn’t that difficult if you ask me J.

Next blog post will be the restore of the database from Windows Azure.


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