How to move the Available Storage group in a Cluster

I’m working on a fully automatic silent installation of an SQL 2008 Failover cluster.  This include a lot of testing, believe me Knipogende emoticon After each uninstall, I always had to move the available storage to the correct node to start my installation.  I found it very annoying that this is not possible in the Failover Cluster Manager tool.  As you can see below,when you click on the storage or on a specific disk, there is no option available to move the Available Storage group to another node.



So the only option that I had was rebooting the server so that the storage group did a failover Verwarde emoticon
It takes a lot of time to reboot so there must be a faster way.

And there is one! Pretty simple in fact…

Just open a command prompt and execute the command below where <Nodename> is the name of the server where you want to move your storage.

cluster group “Available Storage” /MOVE:<Nodename>

Conclusion:The cluster command has more options available than the failover cluster manager. So, if you want to perform a certain action on your cluster and it’s not available in the failover cluster manager, don’t forget to check the cluster command.  Maybe you’ll find the solution there.

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