Move Cluster Group is back!

I recently installed a Windows Server 8 beta cluster on my laptop. While I was exploring some of the new features, I noticed that Microsoft has put back the possibility to move the “cluster group” in the Failover Cluster Manager.

Since Windows Server 2008, it was not possible anymore to move the “cluster group” with the GUI of the Failover Cluster Manager. If you wanted to move it, you had to use the cluster.exe command.

cluster group “Cluster Group” /move

When I checked the Failover Cluster Manager I found the following option “Move Core Cluster Resources” on the “Actions” tab of the cluster itself.


You even now have the possibility to choose to which node you’re going to failover in case you have more than 2 nodes, which is also a nice improvement.

Looks like Microsoft missed this feature after all and I think they will make a lot of people happy with this!

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